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No 1 tip for success: read as much as you can!

An exam marker once commented that there is only time in class to cover the

skeleton of the course. What you do in your own time determines whether your essays and exams look like Arnie, or the other guy.
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No 2 tip for success:

Pink wiki

The DP History site at AIS wikispaces. You need to login with your usual AIS login details.
This is where my classes can find IB copyrighted materials such as past exams.

dphistory.com has a YouTube playlist

General Resources:

Link to Moodle

AISS LibGuides

TimeToast (Create timelines)

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Excellent general history websites:

John D Clare: good detail, revision tasks, study ideas etc. Particularly Interwar & Europe:

CasaHistoria (House of History): broad sweep of topics, aimed at DP/A Level students

School History is a great site. This page gives you mind map outlines (and the answers!)

Modern History Sourcebook. Massive repository of source (primary) documents for a range of eras and topics:

The Map as History: Animated maps. Some free ones. AISS subscribes

In Our Time: BBC Radio


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