From Global Security: excellent website that covers a range of war / security descriptions and analysis.

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(I've taken this map from Global Security, yet 10 seconds of further investigation shows this map is fairly ubiquitous and even with a bit more digging I can't find an original source. Let me know if you find it - or if the original author ever reads this, let me know and I'll credit you. I'll even ask permission if I can use it!)

Lebanon's Confessionalism

from http://www.cjpmo.org/DisplayDocument.aspx?DocumentID=47
"... positions in cabinet, parliament, the civil service and other institutions are apportioned according to the relative religious populations."

Taif Agreement

Overview and text of Taif

Background & analysis of Lebanon Civil War and the Taif Agreement (Pretty long!)

Al Jazeera, The War of Lebanon: Baptism of Fire (Ep 1) 42 min
Introduction to Lebanon, independence etc

Al Jazeera, The War of Lebanon: Roots of Conflict (Ep 2) 44 min
Conditions within Lebanon that produced the conflict