For the case study, you need to cover:
  • the nature of the government;
  • domestic policies;
  • opposition and dissent

in the United Kingdom from 1945-2000.

Nature of Government

Overview of the UK system of government (official govt site)

"The United Kingdom is a parliamentary democracy with a constitutional monarch. A king or queen is the head of state, and a prime minister is the head of government. The people vote in elections for Members of Parliament (MPs) to represent them."

System of UK Government (in class notes 6 Sept 2012)
based on Overview link above.

UK Domestic Policy

The best overview (it had to be on the BBC site somewhere!)

More detail from:

Rebuilding post-war

Housebuilding policy

Immigration & citizenship

British citizenship (second half of article):

Post-War Immigration:

A West Indian in England:

Employment of coloured people (1954)

Welfare State

Best description:


Macmillan – ‘the Opportunity State’ (1957)

National Service

BBC Overview:

Why NS is necessary (1950s)

‘They stand ready’ Documentary pro-NS

Devolution of governments

A beginner’s guide (BBC)

Entry to EEC/EU (domestic or foreign?)

Labour nationalisation of industry / Conservative denationalisation

See Attlee & Thatcher sections

Economic policy

Why not to float the pound (1950s)

‘What has to be done’ Labour’s economic development policy 1965

(and its failure:

Devaluing the pound, 1967 - good overview of currency situation in 1967 and why do it