Appeasement and outbreak of war

Who started appeasement?
Appeasement: Chamberlain was right

'Was the use of strategic bombing militarily justifiable?' - see especially the first part for an examination of the state of the RAF (“a ramshackle air freight service exporting bombs to Germany” according to Churchill)

Causes of WWII

Crash Course

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'Why we fight' - US War Dept

Copied straight from the YouTube notes:
The first part of a series of films produced by the United States War Department during World War II. The series explained the reasons for the U.S war effort up to that time. This first part covers the rise of Fascism in Italy, Nazism in Germany, and Militarism in Japan and juxtaposes their political and social systems with that of the U.S. It also portrays the first examples of Japanese aggression in Manchuria and China, as well as the example of Italian aggression in Ethiopia. Supervised and Directed by Frank Capra. Be mindful of the ethnic stereotypes in this film.

Invasion of Poland - US War Department 1943 film using captured German images