Germany 1918-1933

2014 Essay

In about 1500 words, write an essay on the following:

Outline the political, constitutional, economic, financial and social issues and challenges to the Weimar Republic between 1919-1933.


The purpose of this essay is to serve as a revision / practise essay for the exam. It is likely that the examiners will only ask for 2-3 of these five, and so if you have 300 or so words on each, you can just rewrite what you have already done (exam essays should be 800-1000 words depending on your speed of legible writing)

Impact of the Depression in Germany

Social & Economic impacts of the Depression in Germany, combined notes from session in class on Thursday 18 April, 2013, using

Germany & the Great Depression

An excellent outline of impact of the Great Depression on Germany

Covers a range of aspects of German life in the 1920s

Nazi 25 Point Plan

Reichstag Elections 1928-1933

Reichstag election May 1928.png
Reichstag election Sept 1930.png
Reichstag election July 1932.png
Reichstag election Nov 1932.png
Reichstag election March 1933.png