8. Interwar years: conflict and cooperation 1919 39

This section deals with the period between the two World Wars and the attempts to promote international cooperation and collective security. Obstacles to cooperation, such as post-war revisionism, economic crises and challenges to democracy and political legitimacy in Italy, Germany and Spain respectively, all require examination and consideration. The policies of the right-wing regimes and the responses of democratic states are also the focus of this section.
  • Germany 191933: political, constitutional, economic, financial and social problems
  • The impact of the Great Depression (case study of its effect on one country in Europe - Germany)
  • Hitler’s domestic and foreign policy (193339)
  • Search for collective security; appeasement in the interwar years; the failure of international diplomacy; the outbreak of war in 1939
  • Italy 191939: Mussolini’s domestic and foreign policies
  • Spanish Civil War: background to the outbreak of the Civil War; causes and consequences; foreign involvement; reasons for Nationalist victory

Germany & the Great Depression