Timeline: Al Jazeera

Intro to Palestine:




Trying to deal with refugees since 1991 (Madrid)

Key issues (and sticking points!): Right of Return, Palestinian Statehood, Compensation

Palestinian National Authority, Office of Prime Minister: "Ending the Occupation, Establishing the State"
Foreword to report, also downloadable whole report into PNA's attempts and plans for Palestinian Statehood.

BBC: Israel and Palestinian territories overview:

Oxfam's position on Israel in Palestinian territories:
(interesting that a non-political NGO takes such a political stance)

From "Palestine Facts" re 'Right of Return'. (Argument of legal vs moral interpretation. Why was Resolution 194 not

Youtube is the new battlefield (July 2011) over Palestinian statehood

Louis Theroux (from Adam)

Shows spread of Israelis through West Bank

Daily life in Palestine: Checkpoint Bethlehem.
Palestinians waiting in line, in an iron cage, everyday, for hours on their way to work. This is the line leading to the checkpoint itself. Inside the checkpoint they will have to go through additional checks and wait once more in long lines.

Palestine's application for statehood to the UN

New York Times (excellent as usual). 5 Part video series, with other extras:
[[>Key issues explained</a></p><p><a class=|The battle of the barrier]]
The settlement issue
Sharing Jerusalem
Lines in the sand
Jerusalem Post: Encountering Peace – maybe the whole world isn’t against us?
Israeli forces on high alert as Palestine bids for UN membership,7340,L-4125683,00.html
What are the PLO’s options at the UN?
History of a double standard
Palestine at the UN

Other current affairs

Arab Spring moves to Israel ... abuse of Palestinian hits social media

November 2012: Hamas firing on Israel, Israel missile raids on Gaza

NYT 19/11/12 - use links to Palestine & Hamas