Spanish Civil War:
  • background to the outbreak of the Civil War;
  • causes and consequences;
  • foreign involvement;
  • reasons for Nationalist victory a very good overview of the whole war

Spartacus has a huge amount of detail: Contents page

'Nazi Germany and the Spanish Civil War' but about the war generally as well.

A pretty good site, includes who was on each side, and a detailed chronology:


'The Spanish Civil War: the last great cause' Part 1 Part 2 (2 x 10min clips)

'The Spanish Civil War' - 6 part series:
Episodes included: 1. Prelude to Tragedy, 2. Revolution, Counter-Revolution and Terror, 3. Idealists, 4. Franco and the Nationalists, 5. Inside the Revolution, and 6. Victory and Defeat.

Background to the outbreak

Spartacus background / causes of war:

Primo De Rivera, 1923-1930:
General Francisco Franco 1936-1975:

Causes and consequences

Course of war:
Spartacus background / causes of war:
Impact of the war on European peace:

Foreign involvement

Bombing of Guernica by Germans:

Reasons for Nationalist victory

The usual places: have a look in spartacus, historylearningsite, etc

A pretty good prezi if you'll excuse some typos: