This task has five parts:
  1. Introduction to the Middle East [week 5]
  2. History of the Middle East from 1900 to 1945 [week 6]
  3. An examination of western perspectives towards the Middle East [week 7]
  4. Case study of one Middle Eastern country from 1945-2000 (SL may choose 1945-1979) [week 10]
  5. Short biography of an (ordinary) individual living in a Middle Eastern country (there may be a little crossover into the twenty-first century). HL Only [week 8]

Full task in the document below, includes marking criteria and full bibliography.

Some links for biographies:
Has a number of people - use general details with personal info to create bio. See also the link under Gaza of the entrepreneur and civil servant for examples of daily life issues.

Women in the Middle East (includes a few names of famous women writers & politicians and covers a range of 'daily life' sections such as marriage & family, the veil and education.

More on Gaza, daily life:
Daily life in Gaza, article in NY Times, 2010

Growing up in Gaza, video
General article on daily life in Gaza

Remember that you also need to annotate your sources apart from the ones I have done on the task sheet.


2012 Groups

1. The First World War in the Middle East
Falconer, Catherine
Lana Wilding
Graham, Taylor
2. The peace settlements and the mandate system
Aitken, Sophie
Sim, Gavin

3. Palestine up to 1939
Brown, Imogen
Walker, Hugh
Lew, Leann
4. The Second World War and the creation of the State of Israel
Cleland, Kayle
Leong, Sarah
Harris, Ebony
5. Iran and Reza Khan, 1924-41
Beale, Sean
Ryan-Worth, Tahlia
Posney, Beth
6. Ataturk and the Turkish Republic
Catalano, Amelia
Cheung, Karina

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